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Gone are the days when car 'HiFi' meant throwing a cassette deck in the dash and a set of 6x9's in the rear shelf! Today's cars have gotten more complicated, and so have their entertainment systems. Unfortunately this doesn't always mean they have gotten better, but it does mean they are harder to upgrade. We have been doing this a long time and will work with you to determine what is possible and practical for your vehicle; from a simple I-pod upgrade to a fully custom designed system, we will make sure that what we put in your car will work with your car's systems instead of against them.

Our staff members love to share their passion and knowledge, so once they determine what your tastes are, they will work with you to develop a system that meets your needs and your budget. Our hope is that any system you buy from us will enhance the time you spend in your car, whether that means audio that makes you re-visit your music collection, or accessories like Bluetooth or satellite navigation that help you get to where you are going faster and more safely.

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With how much time we all spend in our cars, it isn't surprising that the term 'car audio' just isn't adequate to describe the variety of mobile equipment needs we have. Our job at Speakerlab is to provide solutions for all those needs. We carry head units that can play DVDs as well as CDs (and tell you which turn to take to find a gas station), Integration products that let your phone or I-pod become a source of infinite personal music, satellite radio players that let you listen to static free music from coast to coast, and security products that make sure your car stays right where you left it (and can start it from your living room so it is nice and warm by the time you get in)!

We give a lot of thought to the products we carry to ensure that we have a solution that is right for you. Given all these choices, the expert sales staff here at Speakerlab will help guide you through, educating you on the pros and cons of each piece of gear, and helping you find the right fit! And if your mobile system is for a boat, we can help you there too with marine products designed specifically for life on the water.

Check out the cool new Compustar phone interface, now we can integrate i-phones/smart phones for mobile security!

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