Since 1971, Speakerlab has sold tens of thousands of speakers and speaker kits worldwide. In 1987, Speakerlab re-established itself in Seattle's U-District as a specialty retailer of electronics and speakers of superior quality and sound. With an outstanding, knowledgeable sales staff, Speakerlab gained even more fans of the "alternative hi-fi store".

During the summer of 1995, Speakerlab moved its location just across the street to a newer, much larger building on "hi-fi row". However, the comfortable and relaxed shopping atmosphere was maintained.

Over the years our product lines have remained fairly consistent and Speakerlab has maintained great loyalty to manufacturers dedicated to quality products and reliability. This has proven a great asset to our customers who depend on us to separate the 'next big thing' from the 'next big doorstop'.

Speakerlab's long success will continue to depend not only on the great service and products we provide, but also the great family of wonderful customers we have gotten to know over the years!


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